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That there is a WWE production company out there making crappy action movies is bad enough, but now it seems like they're going to be stepping out of the ring and into the realm of touchy feely tear jerkers with Brother's Keeper. The PG-rated “family drama” started filming yesterday in New Orleans and they marked the day by waiting till the last minute to announce their main talent.

Atop the list of “stars” attached to the film is Roger Murtaugh himself Danny Glover, who apparently wants to be forgotten so badly that he's signed on to do a WWE movie. Madeleine Martin from Showtime's Californication, Devon Graye from, well, pretty much nothing, and Patricia Clarkson will be rounding out the cast according to THR.

But what would a WWE movie be without some 'roided out meat head stepping into the lead? For that, they called upon everyone's favorite rhyming wrestler, John Cena, to thoroughly sink any chance this movie had to be taken seriously. Cena has appeared in two films before that you no doubt immediately erased from your memory via Forget-Me-Nows, but that's not stopping him from sticking his big block head back on the silver screen.

The story follows a boys quest to reunite his mother and older brother 10 years after they lose their father. Guess how he plans to do it. Yup, he joins the wrestling team. For your consideration in all categories including Best Picture! Look for this one next summer.

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