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Did Anthony Daniels just open up J.J. Abrams’ infamous Mystery Box?

The original C-3PO appeared at the New York Comic Con recently to host a spotlight panel that he promised would NOT divulge any new Star Wars: Episode VII secrets. And he almost made it through the entire session without revealing what might be a spoiler. Or might not be. You have to be the judge.
"Walls have ears. And we know what they look like. They’re very big ears," Daniels joked to the gathered crowd, referring to Mickey Mouse’s signature ears.

Still, after being baited by an audience member about how important it is to be the only actor to appear in all six Star Wars movies and "maybe seven?" – the actor replied innocently:
"Yes, I am the only actor to be in all seven because I feel … " Daniels started, but then swiftly backtracked with, "Six! Whatever."

The site FilmBuffOnline, which captured Daniels’ quotes, goes on to note that the actor very quickly pantomimed those "big ears" that might be listening to any and all Star Wars trivia bits that get out before Abrams declares it time.

Daniels, to his credit, has not been shy about talking to anyone who’ll listen about Star Wars past and present. At the recent Star Wars Celebration in Europe, the actor sat down with Warwick Davis for a segment of "Words With Warwick," where he went into detail about Return of the Jedi and the possible future of Star Wars.

Plus, he has been making the rounds at numerous fan events over the years:

Mentioning that C-3PO could be returning feeds into the notion we’ve heard all along that original-trilogy cast members would be a big part of Abrams’ new trilogy (even though the latest news says Harrison Ford hasn’t "quite made the choice" to reprise his Han Solo role for the sequel). One way Abrams could prevent leaks like this is just to SHARE ACTUAL INFORMATION with us about Episode VII -- which might be called Rise of the Jedi. Until that happens, we’ll chase speculation like this.

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