Cameron Diaz: The Bald And The Beautiful

Cameron Diaz has discovered a bizarre new side effect of chemotherapy. Not only does it make the patient lose their hair, but it makes the parents and loved ones of the patient lose their hair as well!

OK, probably not really. But it is a little strange that Diaz, currently filming the movie My Sister’s Keeper, has been photographed wearing a bald cap, when in the movie it’s her daughter who actually has cancer. has photos of Cameron and co-star Sofia Vassilieva, who plays her daughter, on the set in their bald caps. Abigail Breslin is there as well, though she hangs on to her full head of hair—she plays another daughter who is not ill.

Before these photos showed up, My Sister’s Keeper was mostly known as the movie that Dakota and Elle Fanning dropped out of when one of them refused to shave her head for her role. Now will people be flocking to theaters to see Cameron Diaz bald? Uh, probably not. But it’s good to see this gorgeous actress once again willing to make herself a little ugly for the sake of a part. Not counting the ogre-ized Princess Fiona in Shrek, we haven’t seen her make that kind of commitment since Being John Malkovich.

Celebrity Gossip has a whole collection of photos, mostly identical to what you seen above. But check it out to get that shiny bald view from all angles!

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend