Can Batman Beat The Hulk In A Fight? Michael Keaton Has The Best Answer

Superhero team-ups are probably one of the best ways to start a conversation, as well as to start a fight, with any fan of the comic fantasy genre. So get ready for the next official debate, as Michael Keaton thinks Batman can beat The Hulk: no questions asked.

With Keaton and Mark Ruffalo both starring in Spotlight, the question isn't as off base as you'd think. And apparently, according to the latest interview Keaton gave to ABC News Radio, he's been getting that question quite a bit, thanks to that fact. Let the record show that the official, word for word answer the former Batman actor gave to this latest inquiry is the following:

Everyone needs to stop asking the question of who could beat up who. Batman kicks everybody's ass. And if they won't, I will, Bruce Wayne will.

Now it's hard to tell if Michael Keaton was playing around with his answer, or if he was being serious; but we'll side with the latter, as Keaton obviously still holds his time in the suit in high regard. Let's not forget the time that he was asked about whether he was jealous about actors like Ben Affleck playing the role in the modern era. In Keaton's eyes, there's nothing to be jealous about, because according to him – he's still the Batman. So taking the actor's implied challenge into account, let's stop and think about what a Batman v. Hulk match-up would look like.

The opponents are pretty evenly matched, albeit Batman's greatest advantage is his wits, his training, and his equipment. He's probably already prepared for a fight with a Gamma radiated beast, and knows exactly how to handle Banner's Hulk strength. Meanwhile, Banner's Hulk can pry open an Iron Man suit in The Avengers, so he can most assuredly take whatever Batman's arsenal has in store for him. By the time the fight would be over, the outcome would more than likely leave Bruce Wayne exposed, with no armor, and hardly any weapons at his disposal.

Hulk's strength is so incredible, that it would almost be fair to even pit Bruce Wayne against him. We say almost because, as we previously mentioned, Mr. Wayne would more than likely have researched how to de-escalate Banner's anger just enough to slug him into submission. As much as we respect Dr. Banner, and his green rage monster, we have to side with Keaton in giving Batman the edge in this fight. We could argue all day and night over who would win in a fight between Batman and The Hulk, but we're inclined to agree with Michael Keaton's theory that Master Wayne could put The Incredible Hulk back in his corner.

Which means it's Mark Ruffalo's turn to rebut, and we've got a suggestion for how he should throw down his two cents on the matter. All we're going to say is that the writers of Jimmy Kimmel Live should team up with Ruffalo to create the ultimate viral video of the actor "dressed" as The Hulk, while singing Wesley Willis' "I Whupped Batman's Ass." Now's the perfect time to do it too, as Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo team up to expose the truth in Spotlight, which is in limited theaters now.

Do you think we're wrong in our assumption that Keaton's assessment was right? Feel free to pose alternative game plans in the comments below!

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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