After the climactic events of Captain America: Civil War, the road to the future has gotten a lot more complicated for Tony Stark. Gone is the freewheeling billionaire philanthropist playboy that got by with a grin and an idea, and in his place is a man who has suffered great betrayal and emotional distress. With his relationship involving Pepper Potts being "on a break," and his mounting sense of guilt, Tony seems to be at a crossroads at the moment.

While this uncertainty is murder on his personal life, it does give Joe and Anthony Russo options as to where Mr. Stark will end up in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Out of the infinite possibilities, we’ve singled out five that make the most sense, and ranked them in likelihood from most to least likely. Join us now, as we delve into five of Tony Stark’s possible futures as Iron Man.

A Mentor To Peter Parker
The most obvious, and the most likely, path that we’ll be seeing Tony Stark take is that of a mentor to Peter Parker. With Robert Downey Jr. being confirmed as reprising his role in Spider Man: Homecoming, and their chemistry already proven to be a worthy placeholder for the Science Bro pairing of Stark and Bruce Banner, the easiest route to put Tony on would be that of the teacher. It would also be the most cathartic path for Tony to follow, as his lack of a relationship with his own father could help him become a father figure to the young inventor who’s also suffered a devastating loss. If treated the right way, this relationship could lead Tony back from the brink he's been teetering on, preparing him for the events of The Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1.

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