Captain America: Whose Side The 10 Main Characters Will Fight On In Civil War

Just like in the original 2006 story, Captain America: Civil War will see superheroes from across the Marvel Universe taking sides on a conflict centered around superhero registration. While Marvel has announced most, if not all, of the principal players, the studio hasn’t revealed what the film’s teams will look like, other than, of course, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers leading the charge. Fortunately, we may now know who will make up the pro-registration and anti-registration sides in the 2016 blockbuster.

Heroic Hollywood has learned which side each of the participating MCU heroes will be reportedly taking in Captain America: Civil War. The characters siding with Captain America will be:

- Hawkeye

- Falcon

- Scarlet Witch

- Winter Soldier, and

- Ant-Man

While over on Team Iron Man, we will see:

- The Vision

- Spider-Man

- War Machine, and

- Black Widow

As for Black Panther, it’s already been confirmed that he will be a neutral third party on his own mission, so he won’t be worrying about pleasing Tony Stark or Steve Rogers. So unless Hulk does indeed show up in the film, this covers every superhero that’s been announced so far, if the lineup is legitimate.

Aside from Black Widow being allied with Iron Man as opposed to Captain America, these teams match the previous one that was posted earlier in the year. Some of these match-ups make sense, like Falcon going with his buddy Cap and vice-versa with War Machine and Iron Man. Despite still not being completely back to normal, it also makes sense that Bucky Barnes would side with his best friend. In the Ant-Man post-credits scene, Cap and Falcon mentioned bringing in Scott Lang to help them with the situation with Bucky’s arm, so it appears that the thief-turned-tiny superhero has built a good relationship with the two men.

Then there are the alliances that don’t make as much sense. Black Widow is good friends with Cap and Hawkeye, so for her to side with Iron Man, who she’s not quite as close with, is a great example of how this conflict is going to divide everyone. Scarlet Witch and Vision’s reasons for siding with their respective representative are also unclear, but presumably this will be elaborated upon. Comic book fans will also remember that although Spider-Man originally sided with Iron Man during the conflict in 2006’s Civil War, he later defected to Captain America’s side, so perhaps we’ll see that occur in the movie, as well.

After the Avengers’ handling of an international situation results in collateral damage, the world’s leaders will band together in Captain America: Civil War to put together a system of accountability for these superiors, which will result in the team being fractured. We’ll see these heroes feuding with one another when the film hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

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