Carrie Fisher Admits Her Best Star Wars Moment Involves A Gold Bikini

Carrie Fisher’s in the mood to reminisce. The actress is in London, filming J.J. Abrams’ wildly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII, and she’s surrounded by a number of familiar faces. "Melted" faces, is how Fisher refers to her aging action co-stars, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. "It is good to have us all in a room because it's unique," she said. "I mean, I don't suppose they have reunions for the Gone With The Wind gang."

Victor Fleming’s classic hasn’t had the same cultural impact. Carrie Fisher’s comments came before a gathered crowd at the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts, held in Wales. She couldn’t talk about specifics regarding the new movie during a Q-and-A with the packed house ("I would get in trouble no matter how I answer that question," she was quoted as saying by the UK Guardian), so she reflected on her previous turns as Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episodes IV to VI. When asked what was her "best" moment in the Star Wars saga up to this point, Carrie Fisher answered:

"I had a lot of fun killing Jabba the Hutt. They asked me on the day if I wanted to have a stunt double kill Jabba. No! That's the best time I ever had as an actor. And the only reason to go into acting is if you can kill a giant monster."

Don’t remember the details? It looked like this:

As for that iconic gold bikini that Carrie Fisher wore in Jabba’s death scene, she responded to a patron, "Why would I keep a stupid outfit like that? So that years later I could say to you I have it?" She quickly added that she wears it "on special occasions. I've got it on underneath this. I wear it always, for luck."

J.J. Abrams is going to need a bit of luck when it comes to reviving the Star Wars franchise. Bringing along the old players will help. Even Carrie Fisher admits that when she read the initial script for Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, she wanted to be Han Solo. Or play that part, at least. That’s probably why Abrams reportedly pushed for rewrites to center these new adventures around Han Solo… so long as he knew he could get Harrison Ford back for the part.

Star Wars: Episode VII has begun filming, and is racing to meet a December 18, 2015 release date. Gold bikinis are optional.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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