Charlize Theron May Be Batgirl's Step-Mother In Batman 3

It sounds like director Christopher Nolan may have decided that his next Batman movie needs more female characters, or rather more than one. On the previous two Batman films the only female character of any note was Rachel Dawes, and she existed mostly to be rescued by Batman. For the sequel, there could be a several new female roles, probably because Batman needs more women to rescue.

Comic Book Movie claims that the script for the third movie includes a character named Detective Sarah Essen, set to serve as a love interest for top cop Jim Gordon, father of Batgirl Barbara Gordon. Word is that Charlize Theron has been approached to play the part. Their source further indicates that a new love interest for Bruce Wayne is being cast, a character named Julie Madison which both Vera Farmiga and Kacie Thomas have auditioned for.

Here’s where this doesn’t make sense. When last we left Jim Gordon he was married with a wife and two kids. The Jim Gordon we’ve seen on film isn’t the playboy type, not the kind of guy to cheat on his wife. So what’s he doing with a love interest? In the comics Sarah Essen is indeed a character he has an affair with and eventually marries (before she’s killed by the Joker), but my hope is that if Sarah Essen really is part of the movie, she’s simply be a fellow detective and not someone Gary Oldman gets to make out with.

The addition of a new love interest for Bruce Wayne, though, makes more sense. His storyline with Rachel Dawes has run its course and Batman isn’t the kind of superhero to be tied down. He’s more than ready for someone new in his life. In the comics the character of Julie Madison was originally a socialite who becomes engaged to Bruce Wayne, and is completely unaware of his nighttime activities. The character has actually appeared in a Batman movie before. In Batman & Robin Julie Madison was played by Elle Macpherson.

Josh Tyler