Christian Bale Suffers Serious Knee Injury, Postpones The Deep Blue Good-By

Filming for The Deep Blue Good-by has been postponed by a year, at the very least! The Dark Knight Rises actor recently suffered a knee injury that is so serious that FOX has decided to delay filming on his next project The Deep Blue Good-by.

According to Deadline, Christian Bale was at home when he suffered the severe injury to his knee that consisted of torn knee ligaments. No further details regarding the nature of the incident that caused the injury have been released as of yet. However, what we do know is that the timing of the injury has undoubtedly caused the actor and the movie studio to make a few adjustments as a result, namely regarding the filming schedule for The Deep Blue Good-by.

The Deep Blue Good-by, which is the first of 21 novels in the Travis McGee series by author John D. MacDonald, is a lot more physically demanding role for Bale as he will be playing a salvage hunter. In the novels, Travis McGee makes it his business to reunite property with the rightful owners. With a job description like that, it is safe to assume that things will get a little physical every now and then in the film adaptation of the series of novels. Bale will need to be fully recovered from his knee injury before filming, as one can imagine. That’s why it was a good call for FOX to delay filming. It also gives The Deep Blue Goodby director James Mangold, enough time to complete his current project Wolverine 3 with Hugh Jackman.

Bale is currently filming another movie, The Big Short, whose filming has reportedly not been affected by the terrible incident. The Big Short, also a FOX film, is about stockbrokers who made millions during the global economic meltdown and is being filmed in New Orleans. In addition to Bale, The Big Short has an all-star cast including the likes of Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, Marisa Tomei and Brad Pitt, who is also serving as producer on the film. Bale will complete The Big Short as scheduled, since it isn’t physically demanding, before moving on to other commitments, namely The Deep Blue Good-by.

The Deep Blue Good-by is yet another physical role that Bale has played in since starring in the first of the series of highly successful Christopher Nolan directed Batman movies. Most notably, The Fighter, earned the actor an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the 2010 film, further cementing Bale as a powerhouse in Hollywood. No doubt he will continue to play physically demanding roles in the foreseeable future. His next project, the Adam McKay directed The Big Short, is set to be released into theaters in 2016.