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Each actor who has played the iconic role of James Bond has brought something unique to the part. Having said that, many of James Bond’s traits carry over from one actor to the next. Just because Christoph Waltz plays the villain in the most recent Bond film, Spectre doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have his own ideas for playing the character, and if people are interested in a truly different James Bond, his ideas would certainly do the trick. Why risk life and limb when one can just as easily approach conflict in a more civilized manner?

Waltz apparently wouldn’t go in for all that action-adventure stuff. Instead, he’d much rather be involved in interesting conversations over coffee.
If there's like a dangerous situation that needs to be solved by jumping onto a helicopter that's about to take off, I would let it go. We could continue in an interesting, meaningful discussion somewhere in a cafe.

Under most circumstances, this sounds like the most boring James Bond movie ever, but Christoph Waltz can make nearly anything entertaining so I’m not entirely convinced this wouldn’t be a great film. To be fair, James Bond has never tried to solve his conflicts through meaningful conversations in cafes, so it’s far from clear that such a plan would not be successful. Maybe just explaining what the problem is and coming to a nonviolent solution would work. Why does James Bond always assume that shooting people and crashing cars is the best option?

Besides, we have plenty of action movies but we haven’t seen something like My Dinner with Andre in years. Two hours of James Bond and his adversary drinking coffee and discussing the world and how each one fits into it, what they desire and why it’s important to them, this is compelling cinema, right? Right? Check out the full interview with HitFix below and tell me watching Christoph Waltz talk for two hours wouldn’t be a great movie.

Even if the Bond role does become available, Waltz is a bit older, at 59, then the producers will probably be looking for, so it’s unfortunate that we’ll never get this version of the role. Instead, we’ll get some young, good-looking dude who prefers shooting people to talking out his problems. Is that really the message we should be sending?