Christopher Nolan Asked To Direct The Next James Bond Film

Most of us would say that Inception is the closest thing we'd ever see to a Christopher Nolan James Bond movie, but in fact the real deal might but happening too. The Daily Mail is reporting on "informal talks" between Nolan and Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson about Nolan taking over Bond 24.

Reporter Baz Bamigboye-- who tends to be way, way more informed than most tabloid reports-- admits up front that there are plenty of reasons Nolan might not do the film, namely that he's gearing up production on Interstellar this year and the Bond production team is aiming to have a new film ready in about three years, a timeline that would put a pretty extreme crunch on Nolan. One of the reasons that Sam Mendes walked away after directing the massively successful Skyfall was commitments this year and the next to theater projects in London. Bringing Nolan in for Bond 24 would simply be replacing one over-committed director with another, and if Nolan signed on, would almost definitely push back the release of the next Bond--something nobody wants to do when riding high on a hit as big as Skyfall.

As Bamigboye's source puts it, "It does no harm for Broccoli and Wilson to talk with Nolan, even if nothing happens this time round." So while we're not expecting to hear Nolan announced as the Bond 24 director in the next few weeks, we can safely assume he's as interested as he was a year ago, when he suggested he could make a Bond film but "It would have to be the right situation and the right time in their cycle of things." Now might not be the right time… but could it be for Bond 25? No shame in planning really, really far ahead when you're trying to get a guy as busy as Nolan on board.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend