Claire Danes Terminates Terminator 4 Role

Whether or not Terminator 4 will ever actually happen is still sort of a mystery, but one thing is nearly for certain: If it does, Claire Danes won’t be in it.

She played the girlfriend of grown up John Connor in Terminator 3, and when the film ended she was trapped with him in an underground bunker while Skynet wiped out everyone else on Earth. If T4 happens, it’ll almost certainly pick up where T3 left off, but Danes recently told MTV it’ll do it without her.

In fact, she sounds like she wasn’t entirely happy with being in Terminator 3 to begin with. She says, “I felt sort of kidnapped by the production.” When asked point blank of she’d be in Terminator 4, her response was “I don’t think so.” That seems pretty clear to me.

It’s also kind of disappointing. I really liked Terminator 3, the movie never gets enough credit. She was a big part of why it worked so well, and I’d love to see what happens when she crawls out of that bunker with John Connor. Now it seems we’ll have to watch some other, almost certainly inferior (because that’s what always happens when a role gets recast after the fact), actress pretend to be Kate Brewster.

Josh Tyler