Colin Farrell will not be Bob Dylan. Hollywood's most notorious babe hound had been cast as the lead role in I'm Not There, a biopic about the music legend, but now Ananova says he's out.

There's no confirmation on why he's out, other than the news that it was the film's director Todd Haynes who had him fired. Perhaps Haynes came to his senses and realized Colin is rather wrong for the role. He's no Dylan. Haynes fired him and has replaced him with Aussie Heath Ledger at the last minute.

Heath will now be one of six actors playing the singer in the movie. Why so many? We don't know, but Ledger, Richard Gere, and Christian Bale are all cast in the movie as Bob Dylan. Will they play Dylan at different ages, or will the actor playing him change depending on his mood? Heath can play happy Bob, Christian Bale can play angry Bob, and Richard Gere can play badly acted Bob.

I'm Not There starts shooting this summer, which likely means we'll have a clearer picture of what it's all about soon.

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