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Comic Con: Chris Weitz Calls Golden Compass A Terrible Experience

If you’re one of the few souls who saw The Golden Compass, then you know it had problems. What should have and could have been the next big fantasy franchise was at best, a forgettable diversion plagued with too much computer generated animation. So what went wrong? Golden Compass director Chris Weitz blames the studio.

Weitz is directing the next Twilight movie New Moon, and he showed up at Comic Con today to discuss the movie and, apparently, his problems with The Golden Compass. Speaking about the film to a crowd packed with effervescent, panty-throwing Twilight Moms he had this to say about the movie: “The last film that I made was recut by the studio, and my experience with it ended being quite a terrible one.”

During the film’s production there were rumors that the studio, New Line Cinema, was nervous about the atheist nature of the Phillip Pullman books on which the movies were being based. Rumor was they were going to water it down and it sounds like, whether it was to remove the anti-god elements or simply to tinker where they shouldn’t, they did.

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