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Comic Con: Jeff Bridges Gets His First Tron: Legacy Poster

Disney has been hinting around that they have all sorts of cool things in store for Tron: Legacy at Comic Con this year, but I’m willing to start slow with a few new posters. Both Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde have already shown up on their own, individual, Tron: Legacy banners, but Jeff Bridges has been left waiting until now.

Hanging outside the San Diego Convention Center, if you happen to be wandering around, you’ll find this:

That’s our first look at Flynn’s Tron: Legacy character poster. Hopefully Disney will make a higher-res version available soon. When they do, we’ll bring it to you.

Hanging near the Bridges poster was a new one featuring Olivia Wilde pulling off a standard, poster, over the shoulder pose. Here she is:

Once inside the San Diego Convention center, Disney has a whole Tron: Legacy display set up. Here’s a couple of photos of it, inside and out:

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