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Following the Paul panel, Jon Favreau was scheduled to introduce Cowboys & Aliens, but he certainly didn’t come alone. After arriving on stage, Favreau brought out the talent from the film, which is currently in production, including Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Adam Beach, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orzi, and none other than Mr. Harrison Ford, in his first Comic Con appearance. But not only did Favreau show off his star studded cast, but also showed off some cut footage that you can find a full rundown of below.

The clips open with Daniel Craig getting off a horse and walking around in the desert. He is covered with dirt from head to toe and looking like he just went through some shit. He gets inside and begins to wash up out of a bowl. On his wrist is a strange, futuristic device that seems to be out of the element. He opens his vest and we see that he has a wicked cut on his side, bleeding through his shirt. He tears it open and as he is about to clean it when Clancy Brown shows up from behind him, pointing a rifle at his head. The scene cuts. We see Craig sleeping in a prison cell and, in an adjacent cell, Paul Dano is mocking him. Craig wakes up, walks over to the bars and grabs Dano by the shirt. Craig pushes Dano back and then pulls him forward, bashing his head against the bars and knocking him unconscious. The scene cuts. Next, the sheriff shows up to escort Craig out of his cell so that he can be transported to the courthouse to be held at trial. He is put in the back of a wagon with Dano, and despite Dano’s objections, they are chained together. As they are about to get going, a group of cowboys carrying torches rides in, Harrison Ford leading the pack. Ford wants Craig’s head because Craig stole from him, but the sheriff says that he is going to court. They are then interrupted as bright lights stretch across the sky, shocking everyone into silence. We also get our first look at Olivia Wilde as she steps out of her home. Suddenly, the lights separate and we see a huge spaceship that begins to firebomb the entire town with these blue, circular beams of light. The wagon holding Craig is knocked over and he is able to escape. Strangely, the thing on Craig’s wrist is now glowing. Craig lifts it up, presses a few buttons and a targeting system appears. Craig then uses it to shoot the ship out of the sky nonchalantly. The lights on his wrist then disappear and he walks through the shadows. Cut to a title screen.

Also of note was the major announcement that Favreau brought to the Con. According to the director, he was considering filming in 3D for the film, but it would conflict with the style as it would require them to film in digital. This is a conflict because his vision for the project is to make it like an old John Ford film mixed with classic pre-CGI sci-fi. What this meant was that the only option was post-conversion 3D and Favreau wants nothing to do with it. Prepare for Cowboys & Aliens in glorious 2D come 2011.

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