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Hollywood has tried and failed to make a decent movie out of Marvel’s Punisher comics three times now. You’d think they’d be ready to cry uncle, but today at Marvel’s Comic Con panel, company head Kevin Feige revealed that they’re doing it again.

Feige says that the character is under the welcoming roof of Marvel Studios now and they want to take their own shot at it. Specifically he said he’s hoping for a “Frank Castle” movie shortly, using the real name for Punisher’s vigilante character. Does that suggest they’ll do something more focused on the personal life of Castle? Something more rooted in reality without all the weird black outfits and crazed lust for vengeance? Personally I don’t see the point. They’ve tried everything there is to try with this character, the most recent try was Punisher: War Zone back in 2008. It’s really time someone said stop and let it go. But Marvel, it seems, thinks fourth time is the charm. Here comes The Punisher, yet again.

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