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Commitment To Misery Prevents Bruce Willis From Doing Woody Allen's Next Movie

Just as Woody Allen's latest film was off to a running start, fate tries to handicap it from the start. Don't let the headline fool you into thinking that Bruce Willis is making a Cop Out sequel, however do let it suggest that he's indeed out of the untitled project that he'd recently signed onto. The reason being that as Willis was set to debut in his first Woody Allen film, another debut took precedent, that being his schedule as one of the stars of the Broadway adaptation of Stephen King's Misery.

Deadline broke the skinny, detailing that the demands of the stage production set to start its preview run on October 22nd were great enough that the Die Hard actor had to bow out of his commitment to the Woody Allen picture. While it may seem like almost two months would be enough to fulfill a contractual obligation, this is the theater we're talking about here. Bruce Willis is going to need every chance he gets to memorize a script full of Stephen King's masterful writing adapted by legendary scripter William Goldman. With two greats distilled into one project, there isn't any room for a third, and it's sad to say it but Misery came first, Woody.

What makes Bruce Willis' departure all the more saddening is the fact that the first photos of his limited time on the film's L.A. set showed him interacting with Jesse Eisenberg's character. Even more tantalizing is the fact that the film is now officially confirmed as a period piece that could range from the 30's to the 50's, judging by the car and the wardrobe of the cast in the photos. So while seeing Willis acting against the perfectly cast Laurie Metcalf as the unhinged nursemaid Annie Wilkes, we can't help but feel some sadness that we won't get to see the man who first made his bones with wisecracking, fast-talking comedy return to his roots in such a prestigious way.

Though this doesn't mean you Woody Allen fans should fret, as the role Willis held is currently being put on the fast track toward recasting. Judging by the look of things in this new, yet-to-be-titled film; as well as Allen's track record with the stories he likes to tell, we're going to bet that this film is going to be about the Hollywood studio system in the golden age of Hollywood. Considering Willis' stature and intimidation, it's a likely bet that he'll be playing a studio head that's making huge demands of Jesse Eisenberg's would be writer character. With those criteria in mind, may we suggest perhaps Stanley Tucci or John Goodman to fill the void? Both are commanding enough to be intimidating, but still funny enough to land the patented Woody Allen comedy buttons.

Woody Allen's untitled film has as much of a release date as a plot synopsis – in other words, no date has been set just yet. However, you can see his latest, Irrational Man, in an art house theater near you. Also, if you're in the New York area starting on October 22nd, you can see Bruce Willis making his screaming Broadway in Misery.

Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes

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