Woody Allen's New Movie Has A Really Stacked Cast

When it comes to his work, Woody Allen is a man of secrets. He has a history of revealing the plots, and even the titles of his upcoming projects at a later point than any other film would. We have to assume the reasons are that not only does he want to surprise the world with the next project he's crafted by hand, but also because he's Woody Allen and the studios know to let the man work. The one thing he doesn't shy away from with his up-and-coming projects, though, is his cast, and his latest untitled project definitely has one worth bragging about.

In an official press release issued today, the follow up to Allen's current release, Irrational Man, has laid down its casting cards with the shoot set to start this month in New York and Los Angeles. While we're not sure the bi-coastal approach is to accommodate the story Woody Allen's getting ready to tell, we have a feeling it might be a measure to accommodate the following platter of movers and shakers:


The daughter of Hollywood legend Elaine May, Jeannie Berlin is probably best known for originating the role of Lila, the "wife from hell" in her mother's original version of The Heartbreak Kid. She was most recently see in Paul Thomas Anderson's 70's set drug trip / noir mystery Inherent Vice.


Also joining the cast of Woody Allen's latest film is previous collaborator Jesse Eisenberg. Eisenberg was previously seen in Allen's 2012 picture To Rome With Love. If there was a young male lead that seemed fit to take over the neurotic shoes that Woody Allen himself would have filled in his acting prime, Eisenberg is the actor who tops the list. While his previous film with Allen was more of a vignette filled caper, we can't help but hope that the ever-talented Eisenberg will be front and center this time around.


While Parker Posey is also a returning member of the Allen Repertory Cast, she's only a charter member for the time being. This film marks her second project with the director, as she started working with him on this year's Irrational Man. Something in Posey's dry wit must have caught Woody's ear, as she's back in business with the auteur so soon.


We can't help but think her role in The Age Of Adeline helped secure Blake Lively a spot in this untitled project. Though the film was certainly no success story, it did manage to give Lively a chance to act with the air of a woman much older than her current phase in life. Her impressive performance in that respect must have proved that she was ready to handle some of the material the older skewing Allen has provided in this new film.


Another new member to the team is Kristen Stewart. Considering her career choices as of late, Stewart's indie goodwill tour was bound to make a stop in Allen's camp. With raves for her performance in Clouds Of Sils Maria winning her the first ever Cesar awarded to an American actress, a performance in a Woody Allen film seems like a good move if the young actress is pondering the notion of jumping back into mainstream cinema.


Ernest Hemmingway is back, ladies and gentlemen... or at least, the man who played him in Allen's Midnight In Paris is anyway. While obviously on a break from hunting vampires on The Strain, Corey Stoll has found time to pick up another piece of the Woody Allen Ensemble. If his performance is as excellent as his previous portrayal of a macho literary legend, then we're in for a treat indeed.


You may not recognize Ken Stott at face value, but put some white hair his face and hand him a weapon, you'd be in a better place to recognize him. With The Hobbit trilogy behind him, Stott has taken on more roles in the UK, mostly on TV. Something must have caught his fancy though, to make him travel to either coast for filming. 


Last, but certainly not least, is someone that we'd never have pegged to be working with Allen in a million years... Bruce "MCCLANE!" Willis. While he's certainly no stranger to mixing up his career with a more quiet film here or there, it's a surprise to think that this is Willis' first time working with Woody Allen. Hopefully his collaboration with Willis will inspire something akin to the experience of making Looper, as opposed to the well documented hell that was Cop Out.

So there you have it: a veritable buffet of actors that are ready and willing to work with the legendary Woody Allen! All we need now is a release date and a title, and we'll be even more excited! For now, stay tuned for further details as we'll be breaking them when they drop. 

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