The Conjuring Delievers A Creepy Game Of Hide And Seek To WonderCon 2013

Between the Saw franchise and Insidious, director James Wan has established himself as one of the biggest names in the horror genre. The filmmaker regularly searches for new ways to scare audiences, and this summer he will be delivering not only a period ghost story, but one based on a true story. And today he brought a first extended look at the new movie to WonderCon.

Earlier today Wan brought three separate, full scenes to the arena of the Anaheim Convention Center to scare audiences to their very core. Check out a detailed description of the sequences below!

The first scene begins with Carolyn Perron (Lili Taylor) and her daughter playing a game of hide and seek. Carolyn is wearing a blindfold and spins around while her daughter goes to hide. As the mom stumbles around she asks for a hint and the little girl claps once. She goes into the next room and speaks softly to her daughter trying to find her. Unbeknownst to her, an armoire begins to open all by itself, but Carolyn thinks that it is her daughter opening the door. The ominous music begins to play and we see the clothes start to move. The mom asks for another hint and we see two strange looking arms reach out of the armoire and clap twice. As she gets closer to the dressing cabinet, she hears her daughter’s laugh coming from the other room. Freaked out, she takes off the blindfold and starts searching through the closet, and finds nothing. Her daughter comes in and says that she wins because the mom took the blindfold off.

In the next scene it’s late at night and Carolyn is folding clothes while the radio plays. We hear what sounds like little girls laughing in the hall, and Carolyn turns off the radio and calls to them, saying it’s way past their bedtime. She goes to the stairs, sees nothing, and then goes to her daughters’ room…where they are both fast asleep. We then hear a thunderous crash and the mom rushes out of the room to see a bunch of framed pictures along the stairs fall to the ground (though it’s weird that the daughters don’t wake up). The mom goes downstairs and starts searching around…and we hear two claps coming from another room. We see a door creek open and two more claps. And of course it’s the door to the basement. She turns on the light and calls down, ““Whoever is in there I’m going to lock you in now.” Before she can exit the door slams in her face and the light smashes. Down on the ground she lights a match and stares into the darkness and here’s laughing. And then two hands clap over her shoulder.

The final scene features a different pair of young girls, who are in their beds at night, While the youngest, Christine, sleeps, an invisible force yanks on her leg. With her eyes closed she complains, telling her sister to stop messing around. The force then pulls her harder, and she sits up wide awake and scared. She looks under her bed, but finds nothing. Getting back up, she hears three claps and then hears the bedroom door begin to creek, and stares intensely behind it. She calls to her sister, Nancy, telling her that there’s something behind the door. While Nancy can’t see anything, Christine is completely terrified. Nancy puts on her glasses, stands up and goes to investigate, but still finds nothing. She complains, “Eww it’s that smell again,” and Christine says, “It’s standing right behind you.” The score becomes deafening, the door slams, the lights turn out and the camera cuts to the title.

Overall the footage was effectively scary, and it didn't take long for the people in the crowd to get in on the creepy fun, regularly clapping twice all throughout the panel and the footage. The Conjuring will be in theaters July 19th, and you can see a good amount of the footage described above in the film's trailer below.

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