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Believe it or not, the possibility of a Batman reboot has been floating around since 2011, while the final entry in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy was still in production. When fans finally saw how Nolan drew The Dark Knight Rises to a close, many instantly speculated that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's orphaned former cop was poised to take on the iconic cowl for any subsequent movies.

This possibility seemed probable when rumors surfaced that Gordon-Levitt would play Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie. However, the actor's reps quickly denied that. Nonetheless, it appeared we wouldn't see Batman on the big screen again until the DC ensemble adventure hits theaters in 2015. But what of the Batman reboot? Well, according to Batman on Film that will follow Justice League within two years or so.

The site claims that a trusted "FOBOF" (friend of Batman on Film) declared the reboot will open in 2017 at the earliest. However, we can't stress enough that at this stage this is more rumor than news. It's completely unclear what connection, if any, Batman on Film's source has to Warner Bros. or any brewing Batman movie. Having said that, the timing makes sense a certain amount of sense.

Later this year Warner Bros. will unveil the Superman reboot Man of Steel. That film's success will impact the budget and expectations Justice League, which is due out two years later. If they follow this pattern, then the Batman reboot would be expected to hit in 2017. While fans of the caped crusader might be disappointed at the wait time this suggests, the silver lining is that Warner Bros. has plenty of time to snag a stellar screenwriter and develop a reboot worth making.