For people who love puns, the appeal of sequels done in 3D is hard to beat. Who doesn't want to see the third installation of a series if it's also a play on words? Think of how many more people would have seen Shrek the Third if it were called Shrek 3D, or Spider-Man 3D instead of plain ol' Spider-Man 3.

Luckily, the filmmakers behind Crank know what's up. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are starting work on Crank sequels, and, as found out by the intrepid interviewers at, they're making it in 3D! The article refers to it as Crank 3 3D, but if these people have any sense and a sense of humor, they will clearly call it Crank 3D. I mean, they haven't even started work on Crank 2 yet, but I feel confident that it'll be a big enough hit that Crank 3D is a dream that can become a reality.

The real 3D nuts-- that is, the people who are promoting 3D and have invested a lot of money in it-- keep insisting that anymovie would look great in 3D. While I'm not quite convinced of that-- My Dinner With Andre 3D?-- Crank definitely seems like a good candidate. The fast editing might give you a headaches, but you'll also be totally immersed in the world of the film.

The interview also has some information on the upcoming Pathology, and Neveldine and Taylor's plans to make the comic book adaptation Jonah Hex. As the Collider guy says, “Seriously, if you’re a fan of these guys these are must watch interviews. And who are we to disagree with someone who got so much information out of a single interview? Head over to Collider and get all the info for yourself.

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