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The Crow Now Looking At Boardwalk Empire's Jack Huston To Star

When you've had a steady TV gig like Jack Huston did on Boardwalk Empire, it's always nerve wracking when that gig comes to an end. While trying to transfer to films is always an option, it doesn't always work for actors primarily known for their work on the small screen. Lucky for Huston though, he has a gig playing the lead in Ben Hur already lined up. And if Relativity Studios has their way, he could be filling the recently vacated lead in the remake of The Crow.

Deadline has the inside track on information that pegs Jack, paternal nephew of Angelica Huston, in the lead role of Eric Draven. Draven, who becomes the eponymous hero after being slain alongside his pregnant fiancee, lives a second life for vengeance against the criminal scum that took away his ultimate happiness. The 1994 Alex Proyas-directed original is a cult classic, with Brandon Lee's performance creating an instantly memorable character that's lived on to this very day.

While Jack Huston's film credits are a bit scattered, he's racked up experience in franchises like Twilight, prestige pictures like American Hustle, and indie hits like Kill Your Darlings. His resume reads like that of a versatile crowd pleaser, especially when you take into account his soulful portrayal of wounded war veteran turned mob enforcer Richard Harrow. That role alone is what skyrocketed Huston's career to the level that it's at today, and judging by the consistently nuanced work he put into the several years he worked on Boardwalk Empire, it's no surprise that he'd be considered fit to handle the dramatics, as well as the physical action, that The Crow has to offer.

It’s important to mention that Huston isn't the first choice for The Crow's leading man, as the role has had a bit of a revolving door effect going on these last few years. Originally it was Bradley Cooper at the front of the line of actors being solicited. Then it was names like Tom Hiddleston and Alexander Skarsgard being tossed out as potential candidates for the part, but they never became officially attached. For a long time it looked like Luke Evans was going to be the Crow to rule them all – but that illusion held up until recently, when Evans left the project. Should Huston accept the role, it would go a long way to dispelling any superstition surrounding a remake of the project that, sadly, is identified with claiming Brandon Lee's life in a tragic accident.

Tragedy aside, a remake of The Crow could turn out to be a really good idea, especially with Jack Huston's talents stepping in behind the makeup. The lethal, yet dour qualities of Boardwalk Empire's Richard Darrow would fit perfectly in the Eric Draven mold of emotion and revenge. More importantly, Huston is famous enough to be recognized on the street, but he's not so much a household name that casting him in the role would rock any boats. With his presence in the role, Jack Huston's Eric Draven could be the most threatening, yet most somber Crow ever. That alone is worth the ticket price.

For now though, you can look forward to Jack Huston playing Ben Hur, which should be in production if it's going to make it to theaters in March 2016 as planned.

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