Cusack Cast In Batman Sequel?

More baseless Batman rumors for you. The first is that apparently John Cusack is hot to play Harvey Dent in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming but as of yet non-existent sequel to Batman Begins, according to Batman On Film.

Great! He’d be perfect in the part. But just because he’s interested doesn’t mean he’ll get it. Who knows what Nolan is thinking. Dent, for those who don’t know anything about anything, is a District Attorney scarred by acide to become one of Batman’s arch villains, the mentally disturbed Two-Face. Word is that in the next Batman, pre-acid Dent will team-up with Gordon and Batman to take down The Joker. That’ll probably lead to an ending in which Dent is permanently scarred and thus mentally damaged, setting up a third movie and a Batman/Two-Face confrontation.

The other rumor being thrown around out there is that Paul “Pee Wee” Reubens will play The Joker. That one makes a lot less sense, and it comes from G4TV via our friends over at Moviehole. G4 claims it’s a fact, and since the movie hasn’t really even started casting yet, then it almost certainly isn’t. I’ve watched G4 enough to know that when it comes to movies, they’re quick to claim they have a scoop, but they’re scoops are almost always completely wrong.

Besides, come on, that’s a terrible idea. Paul Reubens as Pee Wee? Unlikely. He has his uses, but he barely works as it is. I doubt he’d even get a sniff at that kind of role, right for it or not.

Josh Tyler