DOA Clip Features Topless Fighting

Dead or Alive is a series of games I never really got into. The closest I came to the games was watching a friend play Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Vollyball, at which point I realized the highlight of the game didn’t matter if the characters were fighting or hitting a ball. They just had to be nearly naked.

When I found out a movie was being made based on the games, I cringed. If Street Fighter proved anything it was that fighting games can’t really make good movies (Mortal Kombat was only slightly better, although I’ll give it a lot more points for camp value). Besides, how would a video game movie hit its typical PG-13 audience if it was to stay true to the dress code, or lack thereof, of the game it was based on?

It turns out it might actually do quite a good job. The Hollywood News has an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie featuring Holly Valance fighting… topless. The scene starts with her asking some thug to fetch her bra and finishes with the bra finally strapped on, and in between there’s some massive butt kicking involving the towel originally wrapped around Valance. Through incredibly well choreographed camera angles and prop placement no actual nudity is shown (sorry guys) but this could turn out to be a fun little film after all.

Click here to check out the “Sexy Valance” clip from DOA: Dead or Alive the movie over at The Hollywood News.