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If you think Dakota Fanning looks dead behind the eyes now, just wait until the 12-year-old star is naked and raped in her next movie.

Did that make anyone else throw up a little in their mouth? I had to hold down a full-on vomit while I typed it.

But it's true. In an article last week the New York Daily News reported on a movie called Hounddog, from sicko writer/director Deborah Kampmeir. The film is a drama set in the American South, and tells the story of a troubled girl and her love of Elvis Presley. Dakota Fanning plays the troubled little girl, and apparently she's troubled because she gets brutally raped on screen. The Daily News describes it this way: The script "calls for Fanning's character to be raped in one explicit scene and to appear naked or clad only in "underpants" in several other horrifying moments."

What makes the whole idea even more disgusting is that the Daily News says she may be doing it because her mommy and her agent think it can win her an Oscar. Apparently mommy hasn't seen The Woodsman. What kind of mother would put her 12-year-old daughter through something like this for a stupid statue and a few million bucks? Simulated or not, the thought of putting your little girl in that situation is abhorrent. Is it even legal for a 12-year-old girl to be naked on screen? Shouldn't anyone who goes to see the movie be arrested on the grounds that they're watching child pornography?

Don't think that this is just something in the script that might be taken out by cooler heads before filming, Dakota's carefully choreographed, sick sex sessions have already been shot. It was right about then that the movie ran out of funds. Surprise surprise, they're having a lot of trouble finding backers. Right now production is on hiatus while they look for cash. If we're lucky, they'll never find it.

They don't however seem to be having trouble finding bankable stars. Robin Wright Penn co-stars in the movie and excuses it by saying "I was attracted to it because in the end it's a story about human understanding." Maybe so, but before you get to the human understanding an innocent little girl is stripped naked and raped on screen. Sometimes the ends don’t justify the means.