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Dan Fogler Says Fanboys 2 Is Being Planned

It’s hard to consider Fanboys anything other than a failure even though let’s face it, it wasn’t really the film’s fault. Weinstein Company botched the release, and pretty much killed any chance it might have had at survival. It seems impossible to think that anyone might be considering a sequel, considering the nosedive the first film took. But Dan Fogler, one of the stars of Fanboys says not only are they thinking about Fanboys 2, they’re already planning it.

Fogler tells Moviehole that the sequel would have the character from the first film crashing the set of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones while it’s filming in Australia. To ensure that people might, you know, actually be able to see this one, he suggests that the movie’s director Kyle Newman might do it as an indie.

So if Newman finds a way to get it done, would the cast come back? Fogler says of himself, “If he could come up with the right script, and get everyone together again, I would definitely do it.”

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And just in case you missed it, here’s our in-depth video interview with Dan Fogler from just a couple of weeks ago, in which he talks about the royal screwjob Fanboys received and even more about a lot of his upcoming projects: