Dan Fogler And Steve-O Join Samuel L. Jackson In Action Comedy Barely Lethal

Now that Kyle Newman’s action comedy Barely Lethal has built up a cast of credible actors, it’s time to go for broke filling those last few roles. We can now look forward to the highbrow comedy stylings of actors Dan Fogler and the inimitable Steve-O, perhaps the most out there star of the Jackass films and television show. I know this news pleases some people, but I’m just happy these guys aren’t the film’s leads.

Written by John D’Arco, Barely Lethal follows a vicious 16-year-old international assassin who fakes her own death just to go to a high school and live a normal life. But life away from what she’s used to isn’t as easy as she thought, and she realizes that the life of an ordinary teenager is worse than she ever could have believed. According to Deadline, Fogler will star as Mr. Drumm, a well-liked teacher at the high school who makes an effort to become a bigger part of his students’ lives. Meanwhile, Steve-O will step in as Pedro, a trusted associate to Hardman (Samuel L. Jackson), a torturer/interrogator who actually has a heart of gold beneath his rugged exterior. Aren’t they all like that?

Fogler has been a rising star in offbeat comedies, first breaking out in 2007’s Balls of Fury. Oddly enough, his latest group of films has been tied to completely different genres, though he appears to just be playing Dan Fogler in each of them. In addition to a voice role in the animation Free Birds, Fogler starred opposite Josh Duhamel in the sparse indie thriller Scenic Route, the blasphemous horror comedy Hellbenders and the hard sci-fi thriller Europa Report. He’ll next star in the drama Don Peyote, which he also co-wrote and co-directed with Michael Canzoniero (Finding Cody).

Steve-O’s career hasn’t been nearly as active in recent years, though he has been getting more into stand-up and hosting, as he does with the truTV game show Killer Karaoke. As far as films go, he’ll soon be seen in the music documentary Skum Rocks! about a band who blew up in the late 1980s despite being absolutely terrible at music. Go figure.

Also starring Rachael Harris, Rob Huebel, Dove Cameron, Thomas Mann and Jaime King, Barely Lethal is currently filming with a release date set for some time in 2014.

And wouldn’t you know it? Steve-O is still posting videos to YouTube so that people can continue to watch him do potentially dangerous stunts. Here he is passing through an airline’s X-ray machine.

Nick Venable
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