Daniel Radcliffe Will Fight The Yakuza In Thriller Tokyo Vice

Daniel Radcliffe is the process of managing an almost miraculous transition out of child Harry Potter stardom, and we are really, really enjoying getting to watch it happen. After launching a solid hit with The Woman In Black and then wowing Sundance audiences with Kill Your Darlings, he's getting ready to grow up in a new way: facing a villain who might be even scarier than Voldemort.

According to Deadline, Radcliffe is now set to star in Tokyo Vice, a thriller based on the true story of Jake Adelstein, an American reporter who became a target of yakuza boss Tadamas Goto, a guy so terrifying he was called the John Gotti of Japan. Adelstein is still a reporter, and will work with screenwriter and playwright JT Rogers to shape the story. On board to direct is Anthony Madler, a guy whose name you don't know but who has come up through the ranks in the same way Spike Jonze and David Fincher did, by directing music videos. He was behind videos for Jay-Z, Rihanna, The Killers and Lana Del Rey. In fact, why don't we go ahead and watch his video for Rihanna's "Diamonds" now:

As for Radcliffe, we're still hoping to get a look at his supernatural-tinged Horns later this year, and he's also reportedly in to play Igor in a new take on Frankenstein. In a world now rid of Voldemort, the options are endless for the boy who lived.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend