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With the Harry Potter franchise in the rearview, actor Daniel Radcliffe has a Scrooge McDuck-like vault of money and an entire career ahead of him...and he's only 22. Having played the boy wizard for most of his adolescence, there's definitely a danger of type-casting, but so far Radcliffe is being smart in choosing roles and films that are very different from the one that made him famous. We've already shown you tons of trailers for the period horror movie he's starring in, The Woman in Black, which opens on February 3rd. Now he's signed on for another interesting project: playing renowned Beat poet Allen Ginsberg.

Twitch reports that once Radcliffe finishes appearing in the Broadway show How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, he'll play Ginsberg in writer/director John Krokidas' thriller Kill Your Darlings. Based on real events, Darlings focuses on the relationship between Ginsberg, writer Jack Kerouac, and Lucien Carr. A key member of the New York City Beat Generation in the 1940s, Carr was later convicted of murdering his lover, David Kammerer, and served several years in prison. The article doesn't mention whether Kill Your Darlings will touch on or revolve around that crime.

With Radcliffe stepping into the Ginsberg role, he's apparently replacing Jesse Eisenberg, who we reported had been cast for the role back in 2009. Playing such an iconic and well-known character will be a chance for Radcliffe to prove whether his acting kung-fu is strong or not. Sadly, it'll also likely provide an excuse for idiots to protest the film, since Ginsberg was gay. Expect some wind-headed buffoon to show up on the news at some point explaining how this is the culmination of the Satanic conspiracy to corrupt our children. First you get 'em hooked on witchcraft, then you turn 'em gay. It's diabolically brilliant, really.

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