Danny Trejo is a badass. There’s no other way to describe him. Look at the dude’s sweet stache, his awesome tats, and his amazing long hair. If I described any other man, you would think he was a pansy, but a pansy Danny Trejo is not. And with Machete having just wrapped, his badass level is sure to rise within the next year.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, apparently he’ll also have a role in Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal’s Predators. In an interview with Punch Drunk Critics, Trejo seemed to let the cat out of the bag with little reserve. Maybe he was so caught up in his own badassness that he forgot that an announcement had yet to be made. He doesn’t give any detail as to the role he’ll be playing, but one can imagine that it will be badass.
,br> According to Trejo, filming on Predators will begin in “about a month.” As for Sin City 2, things aren’t looking any better. Trejo says that the movie is currently in the “thought process.” I guess not everything Danny Trejo says is badass.

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