Danny Trejo And Michelle Rodriguez To Reunite In Skinny Dip

Danny Trejo has been working as an actor since the early 1980s and has made almost 200 films, but the release of Machete this Friday will mark a first for him: it's his first starring role in a major film. He's not a beautiful man by any means (Robert Rodriguez likes to say that you can go rock climbing on his face), but he is a professional, he's a bad ass, and, by most accounts, a terrific human being. Now, after years of being a "that guy," the 66-year-old Mexican is finally getting his.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Trejo will re-unite with Michelle Rodriguez for a revenge flick called Skinny Dip, which may end up being produced and co-directed by none-other-than Trejo's son Gilbert. While details are slim, the story has to do with a woman - presumably Rodriguez - who kills a police officer. It's also worth noting that while Machete ends with titles that promise sequels titled Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again, there hasn't been any forward motion on the idea.

Having gotten to see Machete last week, I can promise audiences that they are in for a real treat. While it's certainly not Oscar material, Trejo shows that he could have been making films like this since he first started acting. It's time for Danny Trejo to shine and we should all get ready for it.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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