The Dark Knight Rises trailer is just days away from arriving in the world. It’ll be attached to showings of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and, we hope, it’ll show up on the internet sooner rather than later. While you wait though, rumors about just what we can expect from it have started to swirl. Is any of it reliable? You be the judge.

Most of the trailer rumors seem to originate from a random email sent in to Collider. In it a reader of theirs claims to have seen the TDKR trailer, but offers no explanation for how he might have happened to be the only person in the world outside of Christopher Nolan to see it. Worse his description of the trailer is riddled with clichés and reads as though written by a fourth-grader attending South Park elementary. What I’m getting at here is that this proposed trailer description seems pretty unlikely to be true.

But on the off chance that it is true, and because I know you’re interested, here’s a few of the highlights from what their scooper had to say, minus some of the spelling mistakes.

? It starts with the Batman logo wreathed in blue flames. Flames was kind of the Dark Knight thing, the Dark Knight Rises poster released last night seems to suggest that they’re going more for crumbling structures on this one, but I guess it’s possible.
? There’s a title card which says “Every Hero Has A Journey”… which is so cliché it makes my eyes hurt.
? It contains footage from Batman Begins in which Bruce Wayne walks up to the mountain village looking for Ra’s.
? There’s another cliché title card, this time it’s “Every Hero Has An End”
? Liam Neeson does a voiceover as Ra’s al Ghul, also probably taken from Begins.
? Enter another cliché title card. This time “The Epic Conclusion”. That one doesn’t make much sense. Warner Bros. hasn’t been positioning this as the last Batman movie. It is Nolan’s last Batman movie, but odds are they want to keep making them after he’s done and this isn’t Harry Potter with it’s “It All Ends Here” tagline.
? There are some shots of Gordon lying in a hospital bed, talking about how much they need Batman, telling him that Batman HAS to come back. That part makes no sense at all, because when Dark Knight ended Batman was still in business and committed to protecting Gotham even if they hated him.
? There are some shots of the bat pod, which the scooper calls the Bat Cycle, Gordon destroying the Bat Signal, some crumbling buildings like the ones in the poster and then the logo.

So what do you think? Any of that ring true? We’ll find out Thursday at midnight, when the trailer debuts with Deathly Hallows 2.

UPDATE! This trailer description hasn't been confirmed yet, but it's seeming increasingly likely that it is true. We've received what appears to be an image from the trailer, sent to us by one of the commenters below on this page. Read his description of the Dark Knight Rises trailer and see the image here.

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