The Dark Knight Rises Trailer, Sweded Just For Kicks

Practically no one saw Michel Gondry's cheerful comedy Be Kind Rewind when it was first released in 2008, but it's managed to make a lasting cultural impact thanks to its invention of "sweding," which means remaking a movie or a trailer in the most low-budget, goofily homemade way. Sweding has exploded on the Internet, the place where you can become famous for filming yourself doing something in your backyard, and has become especially popular for trailers that everybody has watched. It happened with an Iron Man 2 trailer a while back, and now the latest Dark Knight Rises has gotten the sweding treatment. It doesn't look that great-- that's kind of the point-- but it is really inventive and funny, in a way that makes me even like the original trailer better. See what I mean below.

There's something just inherently funny about seeing shots from inside Wayne Manor or the streets of Gotham City recreated in a vaguely shitty apartment, or Bane's mask recreated with a simply surgical mask. And who knew that pretty much anyone can look like Gary Oldman's Commissioner Gordon with the right mustache and glasses? I also love that they recreate the mysterious chanting of the Arkham Prisoners with "Que pasa, que que, pasa pasa"-- it means "what?" in Spanish. It takes a lot of detail-oriented people with plenty of time on their hands to pull off something like this, and I'm totally glad these are the people who put the effort in.

In case you missed the original trailer somehow, it's embedded below. For everything you need to know about The Dark Knight Rises, visit our Blend Film Database.

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