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Hoping to tap into the reboot magic that worked so well on Guy Ritchie’s reimagined Sherlock Holmes, Warner Bros. reportedly is going back to the drawing board on the King Arthur legend for a potential tentpole picture. But it’s the studio’s choice in director that sets this story of yet another remake apart from the pack.

Variety says WB wants David Dobkin, of Wedding Crashers and the upcoming body-switch comedy The Change-Up, to helm the period adventure from his own script. That likely means this Arthur will be a blend of action and comedy -- probably in line with Dobkin's own Shanghai Knights, with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson -- than the humorless, Jerry Bruckheimer-backed version that tanked in 2004, even with Clive Owen and Keira Knightley in the lead roles.

The key will be casting. Audiences have been reluctant to embrace a modern telling of the Round Table knights, but putting the right actors in place could spell the difference between Kevin Costner’s blockbuster Robin Hood: Pribce of Thieves and Russell Crowe’s largely ignored (though underrated) Robin Hood with Ridley Scott. Who knows? Maybe if The Change-Up really works, we’ll see Ryan Reynolds as Arthur and Jason Bateman as Lancelot. Toss in Kristen Wiig as Guinevere, and I’ll get in line tomorrow for that version.