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It was back in 2002 that Will Smith first acquired the rights to Uptown Saturday Night, the 1974 buddy film that starred Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby, and a year ago that the project actually seemed to be going anywhere, with a writer hired and Denzel Washington rumored to be attached. Now things seem to be picking up steam again; Variety reports that yet another writer has been brought on board, and they've also got Wedding Crashers helmet David Dobkin on board to direct.

A year ago Cop Out writers Mark and Robb Cullen were hired for the first script rewrite, but whether because Cop Out was terrible or they just wanted to take the script in a different direction, they've been replaced by writer Tim Dowling. Will Smith is definitely in as a producer through his Overbrook Entertainment, and though he and Denzel Washington are rumored to take on the lead roles, there's nothing set in stone yet.

The original film found Poitier and Cosby on an adventure through New York City when they realize that one of their stolen wallets contains a winning lottery ticket. That team-up seems kind of unbelievable in retrospect, and while it'd be hard to find two actors more fun to see together than Poitier and Cosby, Smith and Washington come pretty close. Dobkin just finished directing The Change-Up, another buddy adventure film featuring a slightly less starry duo-- Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman-- so he knows how to work the dynamic between two men who are both perfectly capable of carrying a movie on their own. Washington and Smith will be the key to making this work, but if there's anyone who's ideal to help them, it's probably Dobkin.