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They’re remaking Day of the Dead and I guess that’s supposed to make me mad, but it’s not like the first time Romero has been done over. Every movie is a remake of something. Get used to it. I’m saving my outrage for the remaking of Hitchcock movies.

The first trailer for the Day of the Dead do over has popped up online, and what pisses me off about it isn’t that they’re remaking Romero but that they also seem to be remaking Resident Evil 2. Stick Milla Jovovich in it, call the town Racoon City, and that’s exactly what this trailer is. It’s more like a bad knockoff of a knockoff than a bad Romero remake. Mena Suvari as an army chick? Seriously? Worst casting ever.

The trailer says it comes out in April of 2007, but obviously that didn’t happen. The movie has no release date as far as I can tell, let’s hope it stays that way. Meanwhile, watch the trailer below: