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Deadpool is only a few days away from being released to U.S. audiences, but the movie has already received exuberant praise from many critics (like our own Eric Eisenberg). So much so that yesterday it was reported that 20th Century Fox has already greenlit a sequel, with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick returning to pen the script. Without seeing the first movie, it’s hard to pinpoint where Deadpool 2 might go, but wherever the destination, apparently he’ll be going there with one of his frequent crimefighting partners: Cable.

Over the last couple months, both Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool director Tim Miller have expressed interest in including Cable in Deadpool 2, and now Comicbook.com has heard that the techno-organic mutant has been added to the cast. Although it’s unclear what role he’ll play in the sequel, it’s expected that he’ll have a major presence rather than show up in a mere cameo. Although the character has appeared in numerous animated series and video games, Deadpool 2 would be his first cinematic appearance. If this report is true, it will be a while until we learn who will play Cable, though if you ask Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, he’s partial to Jon Hamm.

Deadpool Cable

Cable and Deadpool’s relationship didn’t get off to a great start in the comics, as Deadpool’s first appearance (back when he was not nearly as funny) had him hunting down Cable. Later they teamed up in the ongoing series "Cable & Deadpool," which lasted for 50 issues from 2004 to 2008. To this day, they still have the occasional adventure together. Their dynamic is that of the classic odd couple or feuding cop partnership. Only in this case, Cable is determined to protect humanity, while Deadpool just does what he always does: whatever the hell he wants! You can probably guess which one gets more annoyed at the other.

It will be interesting to see how Deadpool 2 would adapt Cable without drawing too much from the main X-Men movies. One crucial aspect they would definitely need to retain is him traveling back in time to prevent the apocalyptic future he grew up in from happening. There is also a New Mutants movie on the way, and considering that Cable led that team of young heroes in their earliest incarnation, it would be cool to see him look over them in the X-Men cinematic universe. Who knows, maybe Cable and Deadpool paired together could eventually pave the way for an X-Force movie, a project that Ryan Reynolds is eager to see realized.

Deadpool hits theaters on Friday (or tomorrow evening in some areas), and once you’ve seen it, start plotting out in your head what Deadpool 2 could be about and how Cable could be thrown into the mix.
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