Deadpool's Movie Has A 'Very Athletic' Sex Montage

The Deadpool trailer that was shown at San Diego Comic-Con this week was full of R-rated goodness. There was plenty of violence, profanity, and yes, even some sex. But while the fornication only made up approximately two seconds of the footage, the cast of the blockbuster has promised that the finished cut of the film will be delivering a very cool sex montage to theaters next year.

This past weekend, I had the chance to sit down with Deadpool stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller and Brianna Hildebrand shortly before they took the stage in Hall H for their big San Diego Comic-Con presentation, and it was after asking the former Firefly star a question that I learned about the sex that will be accompanying the film’s bloody action and bad language. Talking about her character, Vanessa, and her emotional bond to Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson, Baccarin explained,

It’s an origin story for these characters, so you see them falling in love. You see them meeting each other for the first time and discovering that they’re kindred spirits. There’s this awesome sex montage, you see them love each other more and more.

It was after this statement that Ryan Reynolds, sitting next to her, quipped, "Very athletic" – a statement the actress agreed with by repeating it.

Mirroring the character’s history in the comics, Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa will be portrayed as a prostitute in Deadpool and the woman who manages to capture Wade Wilson’s heart. Unfortunately, their relationship is struck by tragedy when Wade is diagnosed with cancer in his liver, heart, prostate and brain. As the actress explained, this winds up driving a wedge between them.

He sort of detaches from her because he wants to go through this cancer thing, and doesn’t want her to be witness to it. And it remains to be seen whether they’ll find each other again.

In many ways, Deadpool will be a revenge action film that sees the eponymous character looking to find and destroy the man responsible for turning him into a scar-covered, mutate freak – a man by the name of Ajax a.k.a. Francis (Ed Skrien) – but as you can tell, there is a certain heart that flows through the film as well. It’s the relationship that winds up keeping the titular anti-hero going, and in the footage he is even adamant that the doctors experimenting on him do right by him, and let him eventually return to the woman he loves.

Deadpool has already wrapped production – which includes the filming of the aforementioned "awesome sex montage" – and the movie is currently in production on its way towards a February 12, 2016 release. Get ready for the first footage to arrive online soon, and stay tuned for more of our Deadpool-related coverage from San Diego Comic-Con!

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