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The Depressing Way Entourage Decided Who Would Cameo In The New Movie

Cameos are an interesting phenomenon, as it used to be that you never really knew when they were going to happen. These days, it's easy to find out who's going to play even the most minute part in an upcoming film, especially a film as cameo-intensive as this summer's Entourage. In the case of the HBO big screen adaptation, it was pretty much a free for all as to who made it in – and Armie Hammer can prove it.

While doing press with Uproxx in order to promote this weekend's The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Hammer spilled the beans on how he made an appearance in Warner Bros' big screen Entourage venture. If you saw the film and wondered why, out of any actor in Hollywood, they'd cast Hammer to play Emily Ratajkowski's jerk of an ex-boyfriend, it all came down to three things: timing, availability and desperation. Hammer described the circumstances as follows:

I can almost say with 100 percent certainty that I wasn’t in the original script… I think the way it works with the cameos on Entourage is they basically sent out mass emails, 'Can anybody show up? Please? Just show up. Help us!' kind of thing. I actually know Jeremy Piven and he’s like, 'Hey, dude, are you going to be around on Tuesday?' I was like, 'Yeah, I’m an out of work actor, I’m around all the time. I have nothing else to do.' He’s like, 'You want to shoot a day on Entourage?' I’m like, 'Sure!'"

Once on the set of Entourage for his big scene, Armie Hammer was surprised that there was no costume for him to wear in the film. As it turns out, the film required a very method cameo from Hammer; so method that the clothes he showed up to the set in were those that you saw him wear in the film. Even his hair was pretty much left au natural when it came time to yell cut, leaving a very authentic looking Hammer playing a character that he admits is far from the man he is in real life. You can watch part of his cameo, as well see Hammer's actual enthusiasm for his part in the film, in the featurette below:

Considering the fact that when it went off the air in 2011, it was still pretty popular with its legions of fans and HBO subscribers alike, you'd think that the reception to even the production of an Entourage film would be received with a bit more excitement. Sex And The City was also off the air for four years, and it managed to produce a successful movie before wearing its welcome out with a sequel. With Entourage at a total worldwide gross of $44.6 million so far, roughly a tenth of what the ladies made on their first outing, it's probably a safe bet to assume that there won't be a sequel any time soon. Which means that Doug Ellin won't have to send out any more emails asking for Hollywood's elite to come out and play.

If this was way too little Armie Hammer action for your tastes, you can get a lot more in the theater this weekend when The Man From U.N.C.L.E. blasts onto the screen starting as early as Thursday night.

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