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Yesterday Universal Pictures was pressured into pulling its months old trailer for The Dilemma from theaters by special interest groups, Ellen Degeneres, and of all people Anderson Cooper. At issue was the word “gay” which Vince Vaughn used in the opening moments of the original trailer this way: “electric cars… are gay”. Even though the trailer had been out for weeks, I guess everyone only noticed it on Friday when Anderson Cooper went on the attack against the use of the word.

So Universal, understandably more interested in simply marketing their otherwise fairly banal comedy than fighting trumped up controversy, simply pulled it. And since they still want to advertise the film, they’ve replaced that trailer with a new one which doesn’t use the word gay at all. Instead there’s this long, car ride scene which isn’t particularly funny. Here’s the new trailer for The Dilemma, now with 100% fewer jokes about electric cars.

For comparison, here’s the first trailer in which Vince Vaughn accidentally offends Anderson Cooper.

The Dilemma hits theaters in mid-January, not usually a good sign, not even for a star-studded, best friend tries to stop his buddy’s wife from cheating on him movie. It’s unclear whether the now inexplicably infamous Vince Vaughn line will remain in the film when it’s released. At least now there’s a reason to be interested in something being released in January.

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