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Doug Liman has wanted to go off into space for a long time. He toiled for years on Luna, a moon-landing project he developed with Jake Gyllenhaal, but it looks like that will never come to fruition. Now, thanks to a children’s book, Liman is ready to see the stars once again.

THR reports that Doug Liman is in negotiations to direct Railman, based on an upcoming novel by Philip Reeve. The plot concerns a future where we take trains from universe to universe. It will center on a thief who is tricked into stealing an item of great value, becoming the subject of an extensive manhunt. The book isn’t even scheduled to be published until fall 2015, but Warner Bros. was excited enough to pick up the property themselves.

Liman’s had an interesting career, one that’s ultimately tough to peg. Certainly he’s miles away from Swingers, the movie that launched him onto the map and allowed him to take on bigger blockbuster projects. He’s perhaps best known for The Bourne Identity, though that film’s lasting legacy comes from the Paul Greengrass-directed sequels. Liman’s put his name on a few moneymakers, but it’s largely generic product like Mr. And Mrs. Smith and Jumper, both which failed to launch a franchise. His last film was the Valarie Plame drama Fair Game, which seemed uncomfortably situated between suspense thriller and topical drama, despite strong performances from Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.


His next, however, is Edge Of Tomorrow, and here is a look at the snazzy new poster from the movie's Facebook page. Tom Cruise in a robot suit is probably going to be the film’s biggest selling point, and as far as those go, it’s a good one: that is one mean looking mech suit. Emily Blunt co-stars in this story of a man in a future war who finds himself dying and repeating battles over and over again, a glitch in reality that may be the key towards turning the tide. Did you like Battle: Los Angeles but wish it had Tom Cruise and more future tech? The movie gods have smiled on you. Edge Of Tomorrow, which is still Tweeting up a storm, opens June 6th.

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