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Is Dr. No Getting The IMAX 3D Treatment?

Some rumors are started by word of mouth, while others can actually be sourced to something legitimate, even if nothing ever comes of it. So what’s your take on the following pair of postings?

Bleeding Cool posted information regarding the release of the Taiwanese Blu-ray release of Dr. No, the first of the 23 current James Bond films. The disc’s surprising aspect is that it contains a 3D conversation as well as the standard 2D update, meaning it will be the first time the dapper spy will reach the third dimension. But it's possible that it won't be the only time it happens this year.

In addition to the new international Blu-ray, the site also found a Moviefone listing for an IMAX 3D version of Dr. No - though all other details about the film are missing. It seems like a timely choice for a promotional gimmick, given the film and the franchise just turned 50 last year, and Skyfall isn’t letting two-dimensions limit it from making 007 more popular than ever. But of course, this is all still just a rumor based on a webpage that actually contains less content than a fortune cookie.

It doesn’t make the biggest amount of sense on any level for Dr. No to be the series’ initial jump into 3D, given its age and technological inferiority to where the effect-driven sequences have recently gone. I could understand if they just released some of the film franchise’s best action scenes converted to 3D, particularly the eye-widening first sequence from Casino Royale. I’d bring my own martini bar to the IMAX theater for that one.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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