Brett Ratner, for all his faults, is the first direct in years to get Eddie Murphy to actually be funny onscreen. So even though their collaboration Tower Heist managed to get beaten by Puss in Boots at the box office, another Ratner and Murphy team-up seems logical. Good thing too, since it's apparently happening. Ratner told The Wrap that he's in talks for another project with Murphy, though he wouldn't provide any details beyond promising that it's not Beverly Hills Cop 4, a project we already knew wasn't happening.

The rest of the article is really just padded with some boilerplate quotes from Ratner about Murphy's genius and how the $25 million opening isn't disappointing at all, so we have to go on The Wrap's word that Ratner actually admitted they're making the project, beyond just saying "I'd make anything with Eddie"-- another boilerplate interview statement. Murphy has talked about a few possible projects over the years, from another Nutty Professor movie (please God no) to the Richard Pryor biopic that he said at the recent Tower Heist press conference he still wants to make. It's hard to imagine Ratner fitting well into either of those, though, so it seems safe to guess they're working together on something new.

As much as I didn't really like Tower Heist, and I"m not sad to see it flounder at the box office, I wouldn't mind Murphy working with Ratner as opposed to some other yes-man director who won't at least get a funny performance out of him. No, his role in Tower Heist isn't a return to the glory days-- but it's a start. Maybe once we see what kind of job they do producing the Oscars we'll know for sure if this reunion is really and truly a good idea.

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