Einstein Movie Planned

Although I’ve always considered Walter Matthau’s portrayal in I.Q. to be definitive, a new Albert Einstein film is planned. Variety says Lionsgate will produce a movie of the life of the physicist and mathematician based on the biography “Einstein: His Life and Universe,” by Walter Isaacson.

The movie, which has no title, writer, director, or star attached, will focus on his life from ages 20 to 40 and culminate with his winning the Nobel Prize in 1921. Reportedly, Albert was a bit of a ladies man in his youth and this will allow them to cast some hot chicks and not just show Einstein sitting around thinking deep thoughts. Producer Alan Polsky said the time period is “when he was at his most prolific, a rebellious character who challenged every theory and was ostracized by the scientific community, but who redefined how we look at the world and how energy plays into everything we do.”

Lionsgate purchased not only the rights to Isaacson’s book but also the rights to his life story. So don’t tell your children stories of Einstein’s wacky adventures without paying a residual to the film company.