Neil LaBute continues to compile a killer cast for his movie adaptation of his Off Broadway play Some Girl(s). Just yesterday news broke that Kristen Bell had signed on, and now THR reveals two-time Oscar nominee Emily Watson is joining the cast along with Zoe Kazan (Meek's Cutoff), Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time) and Mia Maestro (Fright Night). It appears each will play an ex-girlfriend to Adam Brody's caddish lead Guy, whose fast approaching wedding inspires cold feet that sends him on a cross-country trek to revisit all of his old flames.

While we don't have all the details on who's playing whom, we do know Bell will portray a belle who was ditched without a word, and Watson will take on the role of a married woman who had an affair with Brody's hunky heartbreaker. However, what's most curious about this casting update is that by my count we have one maiden too many. New York City's stage production famously starred Eric McCormack as the Guy with the wandering eye, Fran Drescher as the cheating college professor, Judy Reyes as an uninhibited free spirit, Brooke Smith as his high school sweetheart, and Maura Tierney as the woman with whom Guy shared a frighteningly deep connection. For the film, we know Watson's taken Drescher's role, while Bell's taken Tierney's, but that still leaves two roles for three actresses. The additional cast member suggests we may actually meet Guy's current girlfriend in the Some Girl(s) movie. Or is it possible LaBute—who has adapted the script to a screenplay—has added another ex to the mix?

I'd wager the former, not only because it seems unlikely LaBute would so radically alter his script, but also a fiancée would allow for a chance to cut away from hotel rooms where Guy reconnects with his exes, as well as allowing some additional insight into this mess of a man. To that end, I further speculate Kazan will play the free spirit, Morrison the high school sweetheart, and Maestro the fiancée. With Some Girl(s) shooting next month, we may soon see how my predictions stack up.

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