Eva Mendes Won't Do Ghost Rider 2

Most of you have probably forgotten Eva Mendes was even in Ghost Rider. That’s no small feat, Eva Mendes isn’t the kind of girl you forget seeing. But the fact that her role was so forgettable in spite of her hotness is, I guess, a clear indication that her character didn’t matter. So it’s no surprise to learn that she won’t be involved in the sequel.

Superherohype snagged a Mendes quote on the subject from somewhere and, when asked about the impending Ghost Rider sequel she made it clear that she’s not in it.

It was just a few days ago that Nic Cage signed his deal to do Ghost Rider 2, so it’s still early in the production process. That means we still have no idea what it’ll be about. But we know it won’t be about Roxanne Simpson. See? You don’t even know who that is. Eva Mendes, you won’t be missed.

Josh Tyler