Even By Nic Cage's Bizarre Standards, Outcast Looks Off-The-Wall Insane

There’s only one Nicolas Cage out there roaming the earth, right? I ask in all seriousness, because the man’s output is set to such a high level, I’m beginning to think that in his free time (what little of it there actually is), Nicolas Cage might have invented cloning. Cage also is hellbent on acting in movies no one actually sees. Raise your hand, please, if you caught The Frozen Ground (2013), Stolen (2012), Seeking Justice (2011) or Trespass (2011). Anyone? I thought so. And I’m starting to feel the same way about Outcast, which just shared its first official trailer.

Needless to say, this trailer shared by Deadline looks incredible… if you love passing your days poking fun of all the crazy things Nicolas Cage will do on screen for our entertainment. Outcast, helmed by first-time filmmaker Nick Powell, pairs Cage with Star Wars outcast Hayden Christensen (of course) on a quest for vengeance in a feudal, samurai, sword and sorcery epic. Nope. That is not a series of amazing typos. That’s really what the film appears to be about. Oh, and Nicolas Cage affects an accent that blends Scottish and Southern California. He squints, furiously. And his nickname in the movie is "The White Ghost."

Stop the Oscar race, 2015. Your Best Picture winner has been found.

Outcast doesn’t look like your cup of craziness. Have no fear. Nicoals Cage has five more titles on the docket for 2015, though some likely will be pushed to a later date. Cage will ask his fans to get in the cage for Dying of the Light and The Runner at different points next year. He’s rumored to climb back behind the wheel of the National Treasure series. And Cage has expressed interest in Pay the Ghost for director Uli Edel. Who? Don’t worry about it. You probably won’t be able to find that one in a theater.

Need a Cage fix before that? Circle Oct. 3, which is when Nicolas Cage plans to challenge the Rapture in the anticipated adaptation of the bestselling novel Left Behind. Nicolas Cage versus God? How, where and when can we get advanced tickets?

And somehow, the idea of Nicolas Cage stopping the End of Days is more believable than the content being sold in the Outcast trailer. And yet, we’ll still be in theaters cheering on the latest Cage craziness when Outcast opens on Feb. 27, 2015.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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