Rarely does a day go by here on Cinema Blend without the reporting of at least one rumor about a major upcoming blockbuster. Be it about who is going to star or where the movie is going to film, Hollywood and its fans love stirring up any and all kinds of stories. But this week landed one of the biggest rumors that has ever come across our collective desks: the upcoming film slate for Warner Bros.’ DC Comics properties.

All in all, a total of six new projects were "revealed" to be following Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, and the list contained weird surprise after weird surprise. Three movies a year coming for two straight years. No new Batman movie on the horizon. Shazam and Wonder Woman getting solo movies in the immediate future. Man of Steel 2 not happening until 2018. It was quite a lot to take in, and some of it was definitely more believable than other parts.

But which parts of the list rang truer than the others in the face of this rumor? Looking at all of the evidence that has been unveiled over the last few years, I’ve broken the whole thing down to determine which projects seem like absolute fact and which still sound a little like fiction.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman – July 2017
Believability: 60%
Ever since Gal Gadot signed on to play Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, geeks have been debating whether or not she was the proper choice for the role. There have been arguments about her height and light frame, with some suggesting that there’s no way that the Israeli actress can look big enough on screen to match her comic book counterpart. While that will continue to be a fight amongst fans until we actually get our first look at Gadot in the Wonder Woman costume, there is another argument that really isn’t debatable: Gal Gadot is rather unproven as a performer compared to some of her Batman v Superman co-stars. And that’s why the future of the Wonder Woman may be a bit shakier than it appears.

When the details of Gadot’s Wonder Woman contract were revealed in January - proving to be a three picture contract, half the length of a standard Marvel Studios deal – it was said that part of the deal would include a solo movie for the character. The big question that hung in the air, however, was "When?" Trade reports said that Warner Bros. and DC were still wary about making a large commitment to both Gadot and her Wonder Woman because they still don’t know how audiences will react to her in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice… and nothing has really changed since.

It’s also hard not to question the July 2017 release date for the project just because of scheduling. If Wonder Woman is going to have a proper sized role in Justice League (as she damn well better), how the hell is Gadot also going to be the star of her very own movie that comes out just two months later? And if Justice League really does film back-to-back with Batman v Superman, does that mean Gadot will actually be making movies back-to-back-to-back? This would be more believable if we knew the Wonder Woman movie actually had a writer and director attached, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. We will almost certainly get a solo film eventually, but this feels it’s coming together just a bit too quickly to be real.

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