Fourty years ago, The Rocky Horror Picture Show started its reign as the midnight movie for the ages; and to this day it still reigns. Probably the greatest reason that Richard Hartley and Richard O’Brien’s masterpiece of absolute pleasure has endured the years is, of course, its rock-and-roll fueled score. But if you were to try and rank these songs in their exact order of greatness, you’d probably be wandering into a discussion of a rather tender subject. Still, in the name of science fiction and Transylvanians everywhere, and considering it was all over TV last weekend - which has lodged the entire score in our heads, we’re gonna give it a go and rank every song in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

15. Rose Tint My World
As fun of a movie as Rocky Horror is, it does frontload a bunch of action - only to slightly drag somewhere in the middle. "Rose Tint My World" is more of a song to move things along, instead of a song that’s remembered for the ages. Still, there are no bad songs in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but someone had to be at the bottom of the list and this song’s the slowest in the pack. At the very least, having Brad constantly asking for his mommy is a fun touch.

Favorite Lyrics: "Now the only thing that gives me hope, is the love of a certain dope."

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